IngresoCybernetico is committed to the online business community to build strong and successful businesses and improve proficiency in business around the world.

IngresoCybernetico has recognized the benefit of using digital transmission to deliver proficiency for business processes world-wide and insisted upon enhancing such transmissions
using our products and services.

Using our mission, vision and strong partnerships, we can impact the business world through teaching, sharing and raising awareness of the need to evolve business tools, and adopt
a high standard of ethics and practices beyond what has been taught in the past.

The IngresoCybernetico Mission: To be the # 1 business opportunity in the world that provides all online tools and services to empower home business owners around the world on or before April 1, of 2015.

Product Mission: to become the #1 provider of viable state of the arts online products for all customers and home business owners around the world before spring of 2015.

Economic Mission: To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our subscribers and expand opportunities and development for the IngresoCybenretico corporation in the communities we serve.

Social Mission: To positively impact all countries where we do business with our financial and relational influence to help us fulfill our vision to impact the world.

Corporate Team mission: To achieve a high level of production, competition, excellence and contributions to complement the corporate mission and vision.

Vision of IngresoCybernetico: To establish Ingreso Cybernetico as the #1 standard as the supplier of online products and services for the home business industry around the world
before the Spring of 2015.  

Our vision includes taking the lead in creating a new culture using a high standard of ethics in all business practices that will change the view the home business industry globally.

We will increase the value of our company and our global portfolio, exceeding the expectations of our subscribers with an over-delivery of quality products and services of the
highest quality.

Core  Values: Our main values are divided into moral behaviors, ethical and social issues that complement the mission and vision of our company. Treat prospects, subscribers,
customers and partners with quality care that we ourselves desire.

  • Ensure proper and ethical treatment of all partners, subscribers, contractors and others by IngresoCybernetico executives and the entire corporate team..
  • Provide proactive information to all partners who need direction, answers and verbal and written communication in the languages that we suport.
  • Our decisions regarding expansion, new subscribers, the company's current team and business processes will be made by ethical standards referred to in the Main value # 2.
  • Continue collaboration to provide a greater sense of balance and diversity of our business to the global marketplace.
  • Proactively engage resources and leadership in the communities in which our subscribers live.
  • Provide a specific percentage of our profits to the geographic areas impacted by the IngresoCybernetico business by nonprofit organizations.
  • Require that all corporate staff will use the corporate values as a basis for productivity and management decisions.

IngresoCybernetico  is based in Medellin, Colombia, and is committed to providing online business service for all who choose to utilize our products and services around the world.


The Team :

Dwayne Golden

CEO of Ingreso Cybernetico


Dwayne Golden hails from the world of business growth strategy.  His particular expertise is moving companies to new levels of profitability through the implementation of business systems and automation.  Dwayne developed a fundamental understanding of business systems, early in his career through his formal training (MBA) at Strayer University.  He has spent a lifetime applying this theory when consulted by CEOs and business leaders looking to add both profitability and professionalism to their every day practices.

Throughout his career, Dwayne has been a passionate advocate for new entrepreneurs by providing a unique and effective method of guidance.  Many of his protégés and students go on to create successful businesses in countries all over the world.  In his leadership role with IngressoCybernetico, Dwayne brings that same passion and experience in developing the long term vision for the company.   Fueled by Dwayne, the company continues to break barriers in providing economic opportunity in Colombia, America and an increasing number of countries around the world.

He is supported by his wife, Patricia, who, as a Colombian citizen has been instrumental in guiding him in his growing love and appreciation for the culture. 


Jatin Patel

CIO and Head of Programming of Ingreso Cybernetico


Owns Prompt Global Pvt Ltd, and owner of a renowned firm elite programming and design. It is internationally recognized as a Top Scheduler and is responsible for creating some of the most successful sites on the Internet today.

He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pune in India. He specializes in Java, PHP,.Net, Javascript, Networking, C, C + +, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Red Hat Certified.

Jatin is the CIO and Head of Programming Ingreso Cybernetico and oversees the design and programming teams, as well as the development and implementation of strategies IC techniques, including hardware infrastructure, network security and software development.


Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata

Co-Founder of Ingreso Cybernetico


Juan Carlos, Colombia, is Professional Expert in Internet Marketing and Social Media Management, widely recognized as one of the Top Hispanic marketers greater impact on the news.

Your online presence starts in 2003, their specialties and approaches are: Internet Marketing, Social Media, Advanced Techniques Online promotion and advertising, Network Marketing Online and Internet Marketing for Business and SMEs in general.

Juan Carlos is co-founder of IngresoCybernetico, its mission, project IngresoCybernetico as one of the most important systems to penetrate the Hispanic market new technologies of the Internet and that everyone has access to them. follow him on  [facebook]  , [twitter] or visit his [official website]



  • We are located in the city Medelin, the address Carrera 43 A 17 106 606 Office Ed Latitude

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